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AutomationTech is a company that believes you shouldn't have to fill out paper. Why do it on paper when you have a computer right in front of you to help you maintain prior files as well as create new documents easily? That's the question we asked and are working to help you use desktop tools to solve the problem.

We are dedicated to working with you to help your employees and manage your files in a clean, quick, and manageable way.

"Up to date technology is key in todays business environment. Everyone is looking to accomplish more each day. In order to do so, they need tools to help them expedite their tasks. We at AutomationTech can help them with this by working with companies to automate their documentation process." -- Founders of AutomationTech, Inc.

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Employer Report 98

Employer Report On-line Demo

Incident Data Entry - Employer Information

Incident Data Entry - Employee Information

Incident Data Entry - Insurance Information

Incident Data Entry - Injury Information

Incident Data Entry - Doctor Information

Incident Data Entry - State Specific Information

Incident Data Entry - Additional Information

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FROI - Import/Export

FROI Employee Information Setup

FROI - Claim Administrator Setup

FROI - Employer/Location Setup

FROI - Administrative Reports

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