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The Compiere Web Store provides all you need to run your web presence. The information is shared with the standard application, so no synchronization or extra integration work is required. The web store components can be customized to the look-and-feel of your web site.

Online Product Catalog

View and search the your product catalog. Product images can be displayed, if the product has an image attachment. You can restrict the products available on the web.

You can define (multiple) hierarchies to limit product selection. You can also search by Product Category or Product Attributes.

Online Pricing and Availability

You can choose, if you want to show product availability (either as "available" or the actual quantity). If the user is logged in as a Business Partner Contact with a specific price list, these prices are shown; Otherwise the default price list is shown.

Online Sales Transactions

Add items to the Shopping Basket via the Product Catalog or web form request. You can change quantity or delete items.

When checking out, you can make it mandatory to sign in to retrieve stored customer information. For the Confirmation, applicable shipping costs and tax is calculated. The payment information is entered or confirmed. Currently, the VeriSign payment processor is supported. Before submitting you can verify the credit card number for data entry errors.

After receiving the payment confirmation, the order is created and the receipt is displayed. Optionally an email can be sent with the receipt.

Supporting Components

User Management

You can store user information and enable cookies to allow automatic detection and sign in.


You can monitor web requests and collect information like referring page, client host, time, user (when signed in), etc.

Info Requests

A web user request can be forwarded to one or more email address. You can also send a confirmation to the requester. The request becomes part of the Customer Relations Management.

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