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Quote to Cash

Quote to Cash covers the business process for creating a quote for a prospect or customer, order management, invoicing and cash receipt. The functionality is highly integrated with Supply Chain Management and Customer Management. In traditional systems, you fund this in modules like order entry and accounts receivables.


Create and print customer quotes based on general or customer price lists. Quotes can be "binding", which reserves inventory. You can change a quote any time and convert it to a Sales Order.

Sales Orders

Sales Orders are the "fulfillment control document". Sales Orders generate Shipments and Invoices and make sure that the order is fulfilled (For details see: Order Processing).


Based on your Sales Order, you can generate one or more shipments immediately or automatically when inventory available (automatic backordering).

Customer Invoices

Invoices are generated either immediately based on your Sales Order or based on Shipments. You can choose to create an Invoice immediately after each Shipment, when the order is completely shipped or based on a Customer Invoice Schedule. An Invoice Schedule allows you to send summary invoices, e.g. for your shipments at the end of the week, month, etc.

You can also enter invoices manually.


When entering the Order or Invoice, the payment rule allows you to automatically generate receipts:

  • Create a CashBook entry for petty cash transactions
  • Create a Payment for direct payments (CreditCard, Check, eCheck, Automatic Clearing House). Compiere supports merchant payment processors via VeriSign PayFlowPro; Other payment processors are planned.

Open Items are settled by creating Payments (e.g. receiving a Check or creating a Direct Debit), creating a CashBook entry (e.g. open invoice paid by petty cash later) or when reconciling Bank Statements (e.g. bank transfers).

For details see Open Item Management, Cash Journal

Bank Statement

Bank Statements can be entered or automatically loaded. You reconcile your in-transit payments, enter charges or create payments for direct transfers.

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