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Customer Relations Management

Customer Relations Management is not an independent module, but the logical view of all customer and prospect related activities. Customer management functions are an integrated part of the business process. Therefore, there are (in contrast to traditional CRM systems) no batch or synchronization processes for the back-office functionality.

Lead and Activity Tracking

Compiere supports the following types of requests

  • Information - (un)structured requests from web or email sources
  • Service - structured request to perform a service at a given time & place
  • Charge - structured request to reimburse costs
  • Account - structured request concerning a particular customer or vendor order, shipment, invoice or payment
  • Warranty - structured request concerning a product or service issue
  • Help - structured customer service request

Depending on the type, the request can be automatically converted to a target document (offer, order, invoice). A confirmation email with tracking number can be sent manually or automatically. Requests can be be assigned to particular system users

With the tracking number, the creator can update information. Management facilities ensure timely response and closure.

Requests can also be generated based on the account status (date last sale, overdue payment, etc.) for customer service or sales to follow up.

Marketing Campaign Management

Customer retention is a crucial mission for every company. Compiere supports this by creating mailings or requests for the (tele) sales force to follow up. Criteria for campaign could be last sale, sales volume, products purchased, etc.

To attract new customers, addresses of prospects can be imported for mailings or requests for the (tele) sales force to follow up.

The effectiveness of marketing campaigns can be measured by the revenue or gross profit generated.

Customer Profitability Analysis

You can report on revenue and gross profit of specific customers or customer groups over a period of time.

Self Service Online Inquiry

All business partner contacts can be enabled to view their information and status. They then can create information or account request to initiate follow ups ... or pay open items.

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